PlastyFix is an unique (reformable)  plastic that can be used  in a lot of ways. It is a very easy-to-use product. PlastyFix consists of very small granules of plastic which are ductile as soon as they heat up to about 80°c. Within 30 seconds, this unique plastic completely malleable and will be easy to shape. After you shape the PlastyFix in the  desired shape, it’ll harden up in a matter of minutes.

If you’re not satisfied with the shape in which The Plastyfix has formed, there is no need to panic. You just need PlastyFix  to warm up again and you will see that it is completely malleable again. Therefore, no ounce is lost. This makes the product not only interesting for your wallet, but also for the environment!

Our customers use PlastyFix for many applications. From the customization of handles to the repair of automobile parts. The creativity of our customers is a source of inspiration for us. We are available to all of your comments and questions through the contact form.

In our search for special materials we stumbled upon  several unique products. These are available for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.