What is Plastyfix

Plastyfix is an unique reshapable material that’s usable in infinite possibilities. It’s also a very user-friendly product.
Plastyfix exists from very small grains of plastic which become mallable when heated to 80 degrees. Within 30 seconds, the material is fully customizable en easy to shape. After the Plastyfix has achieved the exptected form, you just have to let the material cool down, and it will remain in the shape you molded it into.

If you are not happy about the shape when it is cooled down, you can always heat it back up again to redesign your material. This means no grain of plastic goes to waste. This is positive for your wallet as well as the environment.

Our customers use Plastyfix for a lot of different solutions. From creating car handles to reparing car-parts. The creativity of our customers is a source of inspiration to us.
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